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Labyrinths have been used in the Christian tradition to enhance prayer and meditation since ancient times. When you walk a labyrinth, you follow a path inward to its center. Symbolically, many think of this as the journey towards God. Once you reach the center, the same path leads you outward, or back to the world. There are no dead ends, though the journey either way is not direct.

Before you go . . .

A few guidelines for walking a labyrinth
1. Before entering the path, center yourself. Pause for a moment. Quiet your thoughts. Then begin.

2. Walk purposefully. You might listen to music, pray or sing as you walk. Walk alone and with a companion. If outdoors, notice the sky, listen to the sounds of nature and soak up the beauty of God’s creation.

3. “Be still and know that I am God.” When you reach the center, linger for a time. Concentrate on your connection to God and all of creation. Begin the outward journey whenever you feel ready to do so.

4. Remain attentive to the experience as your follow the path outward.

5. Upon reaching the exit, you may wish to face the entrance briefly and acknowledge the ending with “Amen, ” “Thanks be to God” or some other words of closure.

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